Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sharing the Season

Each fall season I look forward to rediscovering the beauty of gourds and the varieties of squash. And where do I find these gems? At the HOWARD FAMILY FARM est. in 1818 in Bainbridge Ohio. Each year there always seems to be a new shape to display and yes recipes to try. We all love the tradition of pumpkins but wait till you see them mixed with a green Gooseneck and a colorful Turksturben. My favorite is a Blue Hubbard Squash, they are such a soft pale bluegreen and grand in size. Pumpkimums are smaller than a cooking pumpkin but a tricolor. Then there are the Jack-b-Littles which you can usually pick up a mix by the bag at your local grocery chain.

Refreshing and Easy that's what I call seasonal area rugs! Change out the summer lime green rug for a rich modern and fun rug from CRATE & BARREL. This year they introduce the ZUMI rugs, the brown cinnamon and sage is terrific. When setting up FAll DECOR think of Halloween as an accent. So they can be easily pulled and replaced with Thanksgiving. Check out our friend Mr. Bones from I especially love their square table cloths too.

With exterior containers its hard to throw out some those durable annuals when you've had a beautiful warm September.
So lets simplify...leave the ivy and greenery, add your mums with Indian Corn for seasonal color. It's not uncommon in this region to see corn stocks enveloping a mailbox. Take a bale of hay and add those pumpkins, gourds and squash!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harvest the Colors of Fall

From the first weekend in October till the end of November, from Halloween till Thanksgiving its HARVEST TIME, its FALL. Our Fall Decor will begin this weekend! The studio will share not only the colors and textures of Fall Decor but ideas to simplify the process. Interior and exterior areas will be spruced up for family and friends to enjoy.

The golden rod has bloomed, fresh crisp air has arrived, and the leaves are beginning to dance with new rich colors. Take time to enjoy it all! Now Mr.C will be splitting wood with sons and enjoying his love of fly fishing. I'll add an extra layer to enjoy a run on a country road or take that puppy of a lab for a walk in the parks of Chagrin Falls.