Monday, December 22, 2008

Designer Tips - Christmas and Hanukkah

Holiday decorations can be overwhelming. We all know how to store our holiday decorations but how can we store them more efficiently to simplify the process next year.

Using a strong plastic storage box, label and number (ex. box # 1 is all the decor for the kitchen & laundry room), photograph your display & place the photo in the box.

Most holiday decor is purchased with a room/location in mind; once you're pleased, photograph the display and next year you won't have to rethink that particular area - your beautiful display will be in right the box all pulled together and ready!

When the holiday project feels overwhelming, or your schedule is tight, now you'll be able to bring up a box one at a time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Designer Dog Beds

Miss Nell looks quite beautiful especially with her old friend Tucker. And after the new year we'll be introducing our first Custom Designer Dog Beds! We'll be partnering with one of our amazing resources....CRYPTON SUPER FABRICS. They have a fabulous and fun collection of fabrics that will be perfect for our furry family members. CRYPTON SUPER FABRICS are stain resistant, permanent moisture barrier, easy to clean, and EPA approved. It is not uncommon for our studio to specify these fabrics for our contract projects. They are always dependable and yet quite fashionable.